Protective Covenants

Gated Entrance Community

Protective Covenants



A “DECLARATION OF SHILOH DOWNS” has been filed of record in Ellis County, Texas. Below is a listing of “some” of the items contained in the “DECLARATIONS”

  1. The Shiloh Downs Property Owners Association has been incorporated under the Laws of the State of Texas as a non-profit corporation, and has been granted powers of administering and enforcing the said COVENANTS, RESTRICTIONS, CHARGES and LIENS, and DISBURSING the ASSESSMENTS and CHARGES.
  2. The real property described shall be HELD, TRANSFERRED, SOLD, CONVEYED and OCCUPIED subject to the COVENANTS, RESTRICTIONS, CHARGES and LIENS.
  3. The Association shall have an Architectural Control Committee.
  4. No improvement shall be erected, constructed, placed, altered, or permitted to remain on any portion of the properties until plans and specifications shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee.
  5. The Architectural Control Committee shall seek to insure a reasonable level of harmony of design. Among others, one objective of the Architectural Control Committee shal be to prevent the construction of structures that can reasonably be classified as “radical”, “odd”, or “bizarre”.
  6. The exterior wall area of each residence shall have not less than 80 brick, stone, or stucco construction.
  7. The roof pitch of any residence shall be 8/12 minimum.
  8. All Lots shall be used for single family residential dwellings only.
  9. The total air-conditioned living area of the main structure shall be not less than 3,000 square feet, provided further that not less than 2,000 sq. ft. shall be covered ground floor area.
  10. All driveways shall be surfaced with concrete, or an alternative material approved by the Architectural Control Committee.
  11. IMG_0048

    The maximum number of adult horses allowed on any Lot shall be one (1) adult horse per full acre up to a maximum of eight (8) adult horses on any lot, regardless of size.

  12. Except as provided in #11 above, no animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be kept, raised or bred, excepting only that dogs, cats, or other household pets may be kept for the purpose of providing comfort and companionship within the context of family life.
  13. No above ground swimming pool may be installed on any lot.

NOTICE: The above information is only a PARTIAL LIST of the DECLARATIONS, COVENANTS & RESTRICTIONS. A copy of the full DECLARATIONS is available from John Bass and should be obtained and read before purchasing property in SHILOH DOWNS.